A- Is for the attitude you gave me.
B- Is for being not who I expected you to be.
C- Is for class, which you don’t have.
D- Is for doing the wrong things, instead of right.
E- Is for exaggerating everything you said.
F- Is for forgetting what you were doing to me.
G- Is for getting me, then letting me go.
H- Is for having to put up with your bullsh*t.
I- Is for I love you, which I don’t.
J- Is for jumping into conclusions always.
K- Is for Kaplan who taught me I could score better than you.
L- Is for leaving me with useless memories.
M- Is for making me realize you are less then what you were.
N- Is for nothing you gave me.
O- Is for overreacting on everything.
P- Is for putting lies in my head.
Q- Is for queen of… damned.
R- Is for reggae, which you look stupid, dancing.
S- Is for stupid, which I was, getting with you.
T- Is for teasing me, instead of doing something.
U- Is for unite your ass with someone else.
V- Is for vacancy, which I have now that you’re away.
W- Is for waking up from this terrible dream.
X- Is for x-rated things I forgot to say.
Y- Is for Yes! I will never get with you again, unless it’s sex.
Z- Is for zillions of things I would say, but I don’t because I’m not that disrespectful.

by Felix Lugo

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