Amazon Alley
Bouncy Bumpers
Chompie Chunkys
Dunky Dumpers
Eager Eagles
Funny Fannies
Goomy Goochy
Happy Hornets
Inky Islands
Junky Joker
Knicky Knockers
Luscious Lips
Manly Muggers
Naughty Nanny
Oral Octave
Ploppy Puddle
Quaintly Quackers
Radar Racer
Slippery Sam
Tum Tum Tummy
Umpire Ulcer
Vagabond Valley
Wall-eyed Walrus
Ex-tra X-ray
Yankee Yummys
Zippy Zingers

by Bobby Marbles Mobley

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the best write to be honest
the best write to be honest