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Sad was Z.
He said,
'The last letter is me! '

Y asked,
'Why? '

And U said,

R cut in,
'Are pathetic! '

I spoke,
' I feel sorry for Q...'

Q's the quiet type so his friend said,
'F you! '


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Pablo Neruda

If You Forget Me

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Hi Sana You made a poem out of the raw materials of writing - the alphabet. It's only as i saw how those letters standing alone can convey meaning that I realized how marvelous an alphabet can be. Your story has a surprising amount of emotion in it from sadness to irritation. Surprisingly conveyed by single letters... Did you see today's poem on the HOME PAGE is Poe's THE RAVEN. That's the poem that started my love affair with poetry when I was maybe ten years old. I'm going to re-read it NOW for the first time in ages! It's a king of homecoming. Did one particular poem trigger your love of Poetry?