Alphabet Poem

A was once an ant,

by Edward Lear Click to read full poem

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Nice poem
Can we have some lyrics please
Can we please have some words
..............great flow, although I wasn't impressed with the made up words ★
Creative poem and nice thinking....10
As individual and ambiguous as Edward Lear intended - is as best as i will try to describe this piece. One most striking bit of expression which resonates with me is at letter 'X'. there is an uncanny semblance to the x-man, Wolverine (X-man has big claws) ! which brings me to two things: 1. the story behind the creation of the cartoon team and particular character by Marvel/Stan Lee; and 2. the transcendence which is the Universal Creative.
What a pity PH has nothing better to offer for Poem of the Day than this trivial gibberish with its misspelled words (such as JUNGEL instead of JUNGLE) !
Amazing poem.with such beautiful order.
F, n and r missing....
Wonderful abecedarian poem and a difficult one to compose!