Angel, you’re
Careless and
Elegant (reasons for falling in love) a
Fabulous creature who’s
Graceful in everything
Heavenly, physically (joyous to prove) .

Inspiring and intimate
Jealous (and jealously guarded) your
Kindness shines
Limitless stars.

Oyster pearl secrets, a
Quintessence of qualities

Sensual darling (whom loving is
Tiring) with kisses
Unique like the snowflakes that share.

Vulnerable eyes light (a
Wonderful winter sun)
Xciting as each day begun just with
You (and your
Zupa) - I think that you’re super:

Anita, my sweet
Here’s your

by Andrew Fincham

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invulnerable alphabets in verses yours
I've read it quickly but I'll agree with dissatisfied exmember. This is not rubbish, far from it. Amicalement votre, R.
Andrew this is definely NOT rubbish. How dare he say that. How rude! I would usggest that you adjust the lines so that it flows better. Don't change a word, just place the lines so that it flows for the reader eg.
Just waiting to be sung, languidly but expressively, by Noel Coward... try it! Then the interior rhythms really emerge. Did you intend it as a lyric?