(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

Already A Boon

Like a thief in the night quickly preparing a toasted
cheese sandwich before my beloved gets back, he
would not understand why I'm willing to eat food I'm
allergic to when the weather grows grey & the sun
disappears prematurely, the melted cheese & real
butter makes this an exquisite treat and what more
can I ask than a secret as innocuous as this - and

Sugar-free chewing gum, having already indulged in
eating oats for breakfast and 3 muesli rusks in order
to complement the instant oatmeal; rounds off these
transgressions that made me so happy today, taking
Allergex every time my head threatens to split open
and working with quiet commitment on the facetious
task of self-evaluation, today turned out a success

Yet I rip off my new fairy glasses without rims when
the hot flush - the result of eating bread - destroys
my inner peace, off with the scarf & spraying water
over myself again - but who cares, the food tasted
so good and made me feel life is worth living, even
if the feeling lasts just for tonight, it's already a boon
I'll never forfeit…

by Margaret Alice Second

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