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Already Unrecognized
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Already Unrecognized

Already unrecognized,
Is respect to give it.
Without evaluating,
Who deserves to receive this given.

Already unrecognized,
Are values to uphold.
Without a price tag attached.
Or hearing someone,
Where they purchased them at.

Already unrecognized,
Those standards of life.
Kept to represent them meant.
Presented to maintain.
Without getting into an argument.

And already gone not to identify,
Is a greatness to say it.
But examples of this,
On a daily basis witnessed to exist...
Would be difficult for anyone,
Even if they knew to remember...
What was once recognized.
And why,
These days many are quick to disbelieve!

"I'm telling you,
I remember when people were respectful.
And children were at schools,
Before the doors were open.
Or teachers had arrived."

And this you say actually happened? -

And believe it or not.
Children had gifts to give,
To their teachers too! "

-What about the police?
The security guards.
The weapon detection systems.
The psychologists.
And how did the teachers,
Conceal their guns.-

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