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Already You Are Within
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Already You Are Within

Already you are within:

As familiar as the beating of my heart,
As vital as this life-blood surging,
As close as the last memory of mind.

How came you here?

Perhaps you were born
From the inhaled scent
Of garden roses.

Perhaps you arose
From sweet earth
After summer rain,

Perhaps you tumbled within
From the sparkle
In a child's eye,

Or from rainbow
Soft vapors
Touching my face.

I know not how.

I only know that there is magic here,
That strange and beautiful currents
Dance about the air,

And that you fill me deeply

The way soft, cooling
Rain fills an earthen vessel
Beneath desert sky.

The way a sweep of stars
Falls upon the eye
And enters the soul

The way a meadow
Gently fills with dew
To sparkle in morning light.

And, I...
I am not the same,
Not as I was before,

Fluttering leaves sing a wind-change song,
And the weather vane swings and sings along.

And I am filled to bursting
As my world is born anew
Brimming with the essence of you.

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