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JC (6-19-90 / Omaha, NE)


I wish that I could move on
It wouldn't cause so much pain
Manipulated by the system
I don't want to die like them
This life isn't what its
cracked up to be
All I wanted was out
All I wanted was peace
But when I took solice in the knife
What I got was a shrink
He went 'blah blah blah'
And didn't help
He just made me want to try it again
Everytime I do the dishes
What I see is a broken omission
There the knife lays
Just waiting for my touch
It's so close, death is to me
If I can just push a little harder
This wounded vein will burst
And then there would be no more me
Just an empty memory of a troubled child
Too lost to clearly see
(Thats why she did it) they will say
Because I'm not perfect
like Miss Suzie High School
I'm one of those lost kids
Too troubled to see
That there was 'another option'
To live that is,
But what they don't understand is that
To me, to live wasn't a way, it wasn't an option.

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