Alter Ego

My Alter Ego

My alter ego is taz, my sensitive side is Lady poetrist, my human nature is S.C; All of my personalities equals me.
My rudeness protects my heart, my goodness makes god bless my heart, me being thoughtful makes people alert of my well being.
Who am i? i am phenomenal, sweet, thoughtful, truthful, doubtful, and at times spiteful.In all i'm me and forever and always will i be.
Sometimes my alter ego shadows what some people love most about me...Sorry i had to change, not for others but for me.
My question to all is what if I'm not physical content with the person you see? is it unfair to be who i want to be or shall i live my life the way society considers right?
No matter who i may come across to be, the man above is the only one who can judge me; For i care what thee thinks of me because thee made me who i appear to be.
Have those who knows me ever stop to think that God made me to be what he saw best fits? So who are you to go against God and what doings he may have done?
My alter ego says 'I DON'T CARE', but my mutual feelings thinks of others opinion
Tolerance for ignorance i have no patients, there are no measures or room for nonsense; excuse my words of content though they may appear explict..but just take a second and listen.
There is true meaning in the words i speak, take it as a formula and use it to teach in the end you come to the same equivalent answer as me..MY ALTER EGO DOES NOT DEFINE ME IT'S I WHO CHOOSES TO BE THE PERSON AS A REFLECTION OF THE MIRROR=ME.

by Queen Taz

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