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Alter Ego For My Lady Irene
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Alter Ego For My Lady Irene

Thou art the mistress of my heart
I like it not when we’re apart.
I glory in thy company.
Without thee then my life would be
devoid of purpose or intent.
Know thou my love is permanent.
I know full well thou lovest me.
‘Tis plain for all the world to see.
We walk together hand in hand
thy slightest wish is my command
We are well marched and close attached.
Like two nestlings from one egg hatched
Where thou art there I will be
I will not leave thee willingly

Though death will come, a certainty
for each of us separately
as he has often done before.
We do not fear him anymore
Although we know one must be left
alone grief stricken and bereft
But only temporarily
true love will last eternally.
We know that death is not the end
and on that knowledge we depend.
To give us strength to bear the pain.
Until the time we meet again
and reunite a severed soul.
Two halves will blend to make one whole,

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and reunite a severed soul. a beautiful powerful line of verse :)
Reminds me of a Movie, Wished I could remember the name but the ending these two old folks are sitting up in bed together, hand in hand and waiting for the time to come so they can go together. It's a beautiful poem of a love lasting forever 10++