VO (May 18,1980 / Clifton New Jersey)

Alternate Ending

How could I pretend
This feeling will go away
It bothers me so much
I think back to that day
She said alot by not speaking
I wasn't the one for her
Not sure what she was seeking
On the way home, she calls my cell
Now she was talking
She admitted she was sick as hell
I went back to her house
We took a hospital trip that was long
She held my hand as she sang a song
A moment that's surreal but harsh at that
I knew the end was near but didn't want to believe that
She looked so peaceful as she started to close her eyes
I hugged her as tears fell from my eyes
I miss that girl, I really do
This night hurt like hell
It bothers me so much
Maybe, I'm sick as well.

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