Poem Hunter
Alternate Universe
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Alternate Universe

Liberals. Conservatives.
Independent fence sitters.
And those born pre-destined,
To annoint themselves...
Are too often heard to claim,
Their values are aligned...
Strictly with the wishes of God
And all that is divine.

'Poisonous is the truth.'

-Your microphone?
Is on. It's hot.-

Thank you.
As I stated to 'now' be told,
The microphone had been off.
Poised we are,
To always be transparent.
And reveal to you only truth.
I will now take your questions,
Tom Johnson? '

-Uh...Tom Johnson is not here.
I'm Edward Simmons.-

'Great Edward.
Alice Jones?
Your question? '

-We heard you say.
And, your words I quote:
'Poisonous is the truth.'

WHAT or who were you implying,
Poisons truth? -

'The Media. People like you.
My ex-wives and their lovers.
She's having a seizure.
Get her to a medic.'

Liberals. Conservatives.
And those self-annointed.
Will always make claims,
Their values are aligned... Strictly with the wishes,
Of God.
As if message delivered,
Comes from an alternate...
Intended to bend and twist,
Those left with any remnants...
Of a consciousness,
Some hope to debate away...
What's left of it

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