Man, Blame Thyself…

Isn’t man, the cause of problems that he sees?
Isn’t man himself the cause of his own sins?
Isn’t man alone the cause of many woes?
Isn’t man who made the planet earth hell-like?

When man deforests earth – home to wild-life,
Wild beasts in search of food enter his fields;
Man raises hue and cry: ‘wild beasts attack! ’
He is the cause of rampaging wild-life!

When man pollutes the river-waters pure
Through effluents and sewage from cities,
Will not more diseases afflict more men,
And sicknesses multiply upon earth?

When man develops habits of sins galore,
He turns a slave to devils and serves them;
Estranged from God, the blessings from heaven
Can’t come in time and ways, he wants them to!

Blame thyself man, for making good earth bad!
Your soul devoid of grace is sure hell-bound!
God allows strife, reminding you your ways
Are not in accordance with His tenets!

So, mend your evil ways and plead to God;
You have to make amends, repent a lot;
Ask forgiveness for sins and walk aright;
For, narrow is the road to heaven, man!

Copyright by Dr John Celes 05-11-‘10

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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Great mythology expressed with such definitive simplicity and rhythm.