NLL (17.05.1981 / The Molten Core)

Alternative Therapy

Around the name engraved table
the disciples of self destruction
hooded and cloaked in black
murmured words through gritted teeth
'into the black hole we shall go'

A face of bone wrapped in clingfilm skin
home to two sunken aged eyes
raised an arm. Shadows stopped dancing
Flames stopped swaying
Echoes died a sudden death.

'Show us your scars, reveal your fleshy memories'
Black sleeves rolled up white ravaged arms
and then fell a silent calm.
'destroy the body- free the mind
Peel back your eyelids and open your eyes'
Allowing his words to swirl inside their minds
he stood in stiff strained stages.

Outside the door, Doctors with white
badges and whiter coats
looked on in silent appreciation.

by Not Long Left

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