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Alternative Voicing: Catcher In The Daffodils
PPH (1996-1920 / )

Alternative Voicing: Catcher In The Daffodils

Poem By Professor Poetry Hound

If you really want to hear about it,
the first thing you’ll probably want to know

is what I was doing standing there like an idiot
staring at a bunch of god damned daffodils and

why I was bothering to write a poem about them and
all that William Wordsworth kind of crap.

But I don’t feel like going into it right now
if you really want to the know the truth.

All I can say is the flowers were golden,
And maybe some wind was blowing on them,

and I called them a “host” but I don’t know how
the hell I came up with that image.

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Comments (12)

Poetic 'dexterity' and wit … is felt beat pleasantly to read …
holy shit, this cracked me up. i know you've been scarce lately, but do we need to worry about you retreating into the woods? Jake
Thank goodness you didn't see Tintern Abbey. Bunch of rocks, etc.! ! ! Loved this poem.
Maybe you like flowers. (ha ha) just teasing. Nice poem. Take care.
I dont know why I like this but it made me Guffaw! ! ! ! ! ! .Anyone who has been to Ambleside Youth Hostel and consumed a few strong ales has woken up in a field very early in the morning to that experience. All the best. Sid John.