Finding Myself

Scanning my brain, going through the memories,
All that comes to mind is the pain and the suffering,
I went through them all alone, almost feeling that time had freezed,
You knew what I was going through, You knew but you didn't say a thing,
All the lies that you said, just made u feel
that I was believing that everything you said was real,
Day after day u kept telling them to me,
Like a stupid fellow in dreams I believed you,
And you make me a fool as u meant me to be........

I loved you way too much to let you know,
that all I wanted is somehow for us to go,
finding myself back is now my top priority,
but whenever I try to, all I find is insanity,
Now you have made me someone I hated all along,
I feel choked, broke and hopeless but! !
you were never wrong, it was me
Didn't realized that this is how it would end,
Now I don't need you,
Not even as my friend! !

As I try to collect the pieces of my life,
I see the one where I dreamt of you as my wife,
I try to smoother it, throw it far far away,
Trying to get the memories out my way,
But u know something that
You have left a huge scar in my heart,
But Whatever You may say we are never going to depart.......

by vivek khanna

Comments (4)

Very carefully penned, an awestruck insight, the wonder of your write love duncan x
Sterling slice of verse, young lady, and one of my favorite Poets, D. Thomas.... You no doubt enjoy John Donne? '''''''''''''''''''''''''fjr
sad....yet reminding us all....that love does live on.....
Very sad. A lot meaning. It hurts when people die.