LR (November 23,1981 / Riverton, Wyoming)

Always ~03/15/2004

When i wake up you are my motivation.
When i struggle you give me hope.
I want to be your sholder.
I want to be your strength.
Future hopes of never missing you another day.
Future hope that I will make you proud, as you will me.
I strive to live with my emptiness.
I strive for you to live to your potential.
I miss the sound of your footsteps through the house.
I miss the hugs and kisses we shared.
To pray for your safety each day.
To pray you will never forget I love you endlessly.
For me to know you are a part of me, I smile.
For me to want you to always grow with me.
Should a mother have to go through so much pain?
Should a parent be selfish to think of only theirself?
Never once have I forgotten you or your voices.
Never once have I put myself infront of your needs.
Always remember I love you for eternity.
Always remember I am your mother and you are my sons.

I wrote this about my two oldest, James and Luke, when I couldn't see them. Their dad against the court would not let me see them from right before Thanksgiving 2005 to March 30,2006. This was one of the hardest things in life I had to deal with. I am thankful Andy was there to hold me the days and nights when all I could do is cry and pray.

by Loretta Rowley

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