TB (June 15,19- / Knoxville, TN)


You said 'always.'..people use always so quickly in declaring their undying love or want of another..someone always get's hurt.
We get caught up in our desire's of another and want to tell them 'I will love you always.' or 'I will be there for you always.' so easy to say, and so easy to forget.
Always...such a lovely word, so secure in it's use.. how can anyone resist.. we want to hear that word used in talking to us..make us warm and safe..tell us, we don't have to be alone anymore..ohh but how fickle we all are...we can use that word to other's just as easy.
If only I did not weaken when that word was used.. If i could just be strong and hold a part of me to the side and wait..til the boom of the let down surfaced and I would not be so hurt. I could say..'yes, I knew it was coming.'
That word 'always' is just a word for the moment, don't you remember the last time you got hurt by it? Oh yes I remember now...silly me.

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lovely and insightful poem...the line-arrangement style you've chosen creates an effective stream-of-consciousness effect and one's mind flows along easily with the lines... and I must say that's a great ending!