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Always A Few

You may be a marvellous person the most caring one in the town
But always one to find fault with you and always one to drag you down
A saying that I learned in my young years and a saying I will always recall
That goes like you well may win many but you never can win them all
You may be a role model to many and generous and loving and kind
But always a few fault finding people who faults in you are bound to find
'Tis not an easy World to live in where true friendships are so hard to win
Many pray to their invisible God somewhere out there to the detriment of their God within
They pray to their God in their house of worship and his praises in their hymns to him sing
But that does not make them better people for goodness is an inner thing
The World better for you living in it you have the gift of empathy
For people finding life a great battle in your heart you find sympathy
For to help out the poor and forgotten you always go out of your way
But always a few for to doubt you not everyone good of you say.

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