Always And Forever

Never did I think that you could love me again
After the pain I caused you and the rumors I believed
Rumors that where started by fake decietful friends
It was because of hurtful lies that I was decieved

But now where picking up right where we left off at
And it feels good to know that I found someone again
Now I know that none of things told to me where facts
I'm just so happy to have you back again as my girlfriend

Now I intend to keep the promise that I made to you
The promise to keep you safe and love you always and forever
Never again will I even jokingly mutter that we are through
I promise to never leave your side I'll make your heart all better

I also promise to stand by your side forever and your name defend
I've only made this promise twice one to our lord and to you
Because I will love you until the day that this old system ends
Now I know my purpose in life now I know what I must do

I promise to elimanate all of your wild and crazy fears
I give you what is left of this imperfect heart into your hands
I will never make you feel bad I will dry all of your tears
I promise to love you until our imperfect bodies turn to sand

Than I will be laid to rest in a grave next to my true love
And we will await the day until we see each other again
Until the time comes for him to act the one who resides above
Our new bodies will be perfect and we will be free of sin

by Patrick Shields

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