Always And Forever

Poem By Jerik Middleton

Dreaming about you is like being in a fantasy.
Every second with you means the world to me.
I try to go to bed early every single night.
Because dreaming helps me with my fight.

Though i know the dreams are not real.
They put into perpspective just how i feel.
I'm so in love with you and everything you are.
That won't change no matter how far we are apart.

My dreams are so vivid like i am actually there.
Then i wake up, much to my despair.
I wish i could just sleep away the time.
Until the day i officially make you mine.

The day nears when it will be just you and me.
I can only imagine just how happy we will be.
That day that we are finally together.
The way we will stay always and forever.

Comments about Always And Forever

lovely poem. i really enjoyed reading it. a story in poem form, really nice and creative.
ok did you Dolan Doran just read twilight or something because you guys sound exactly like Stephenie meyer and I'm sorry it's good its just sounds like your taking her words...sorry

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