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Always Be Loving You
GC (fall '72 / live on on the alfonsina storni side of florida)

Always Be Loving You

Poem By gregory collins

The future is just for starters. Sweeping up your memory
makes my lungs collapse. The rumors that trouble the

smoothed waters. Like the hard work it takes to be wild
and free.To follow in the wake of a tombstone like the

sun always sets like my dear old friend the seven deadly
sins. But i am just a barefoot corner of my soul, and i have

been wondering about the prophecy i will never understand.
The fact that my fascination between temptation and dreams

puts my imagination to work. That i will ride again looking for
wide open spaces in your mind. I will talk to myself until

i am all alone with the fear inside us all. The fact that i can
go to sleep and i do not know who i will be kissing until

there is something wrong. Like death around a corner
is really life if you start doing things in reverse. If there is

a hole in the morning and you climb into that place to see
the end of the road: To see how far away i am, but there is

no proof.

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the last line says it all...this is pure spirituality which cannot have proof and if we are going to look for proofs we never start at all..a very deep poem..i think i would like to read it again iwill take it into my favs