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Always Be
AOD (May 23,1992 / North Carolina)

Always Be

Poem By Angel of Darkness

I can't hear your voice anymore,
Or hear you calling my name,
No, I can't remember it anymore,
Or call you after a foot ball game.

I can't drive up to see you,
There's just an empty chair,
I can't talk to you,
Because you're just not there.

It hurts so much inside,
I can barely remember your face,
I need to look at your picture to remind me,
That you really have left this place.

I visit your resting spot,
With prayers and flowers galore,
But they're no use,
You're not here anymore.

Nothing can bring you back,
And oh, how it hurts,
I can't feel you or reach you,
Or dig you back up from the dirt.

You can't hold my hand,
And whisper that it's ok,
I can't sing your favourite song,
Because you've gone away.

It's changed so much,
It's like times just stopped,
And I haven't felt the same,
Since that first tear dropped.

I've felt so alone with out you,
So broken and sad,
Your loss stole a part of me,
It affected me so bad.

And I can't express properly,
The way or the pain I feel,
I can't describe the days,
Or how it seems un real.

All I know is that I miss you,
And it's how it will always be,
I know that I can't bring you back,
But I need you here with me.

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Comments (6)

I remember feeling alone and being hurt all the time by girlfriends and my family. This is very deep. I can tell your in deep thought.
omg this poem is sooo good i almost cried cuz its actually true live stuff and ppl can relate to it! ! ! ! ! ! !
this one was amazing too.. i also just wanted to say... that you will get better with time.. i was depressed for nearly a year and a half due to a loss of a guy.. and i am FINALLY over him.. you will do great dont worry...
wow thats deep. I know similarly how you feel because i lost a friend almost 3 years back. I still grieve about him.
Very poignant and full of well-written sadness.