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(always For Each Other)
AS (20/04/1987 / )

(always For Each Other)

I can see you
you can see me
and what we see
is each other

I can hear you
you can hear me
and what we hear
is ever so clear
we hear each other

I can smell you
you can smell me
and what we smell
in a nutshell
is each other

I can taste you
you can taste me
and what we taste
is oh so tasty
we taste each other

I can feel you
you can feel me
and what we feel
is ever so real
we feel each other

I think about you
you think about me
and what we think about
is the great times
we spend together

I love you
you love me
and what we love
and what we hold
is always each other

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Comments (24)

Amazingly! ! With the muse of love. Thanks for sharing.
An intense and real expression of an unbiased true love, .... an amazing write.
no words for your writing.........mr.steble. its just the magic of a great poet and surely his words... i always loved reading you and will keep loving it........... regards, tanya gupta.
........true love beaks through boundaries of secrecy..............lovely write....... .I invite you to read my- The rosy lay..plzz do comment your views.....
aMAZING..so true having each other for each other together!
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