(always For Eachother)

I can see you
you can see me
and what we see

by Allen Steble Click to read full poem

Comments (24)

Amazingly! ! With the muse of love. Thanks for sharing.
An intense and real expression of an unbiased true love, .... an amazing write.
no words for your writing.........mr.steble. its just the magic of a great poet and surely his words... i always loved reading you and will keep loving it........... regards, tanya gupta.
........true love beaks through boundaries of secrecy..............lovely write....... .I invite you to read my- The rosy lay..plzz do comment your views.....
aMAZING..so true having each other for each other together!
simple and beautiful as the true love that doesn't have to hide anything from each other..
it touched my heart..... beautifully worded! Superb! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! checkout mine.
Love it. The day after Seamus Heaney sadly died I started to write some poems I am trying to establish a style. I really enjoyed this poem.
Beautiful poem, a style like mine. Very nice! !
A nice read Allen. Simple and sweet. A love that is pure and true. Enjoyed it.
to be for each other is to love completely. a very nice worded poem
cute love poem...............
well, beautifully expressed. voted10 surya
Very beautiful, gets the point across simplicity is key here, there is no drama with love, or at least there shouldnt be.....nicely written
It's a nice poem.I 've not really taken pains to analyse it but it's too siplistic for me and the should be stretched. I don't believe the arrangement style of modern poets. I think poets should sit up in order that poetry doesn't lose its value. Allen, you've done anice job.
Great poem here. I hadda givvtta ten here Kind Sir. I bet Krystal is pleased! God bless all poets alive or dead-MJG.
This is a beautifully written piece full of love and hope. Well penned. I enjoyed reading this piece.
I hope you gave this to Krystal this is a great and sweet poem Krista
=D Loved the choice of writing style. Very unique Definetly puts a smile on your face whenever you read it! =] It was well worth the read! Scale 1-10.....12!
How sweet. This poem would make any woman fall in love with the man who wrote it to her. Lucky girl.