Always Here

Poem By Ryin Ramsey

If i see you crying i will cry with you,
to see you hurt, to see you suffer,
will be the worst thing to imagine

lean on me, stand close to me,
I'll hold you close and tell you it will be alright
you can tell me whats wrong,
If someone makes you cry
I will make them feel pain

I'm someone you can turn to,
When you spirit needs a lift,
You can tell me anything
For I come baring a gift

I wait for something but its far away,
Lost and confused hiding it stays
I wrote your name in my heart and forever it will stay
I Gaze upon the worlds beauty,
I Gasp at the wonders of life
A arm is reaching but nothing will grab,
As I feel this pain, not a pinch but stab

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wow that was GOOD was awsome..~hazel

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