Always Hoping I Was For You To Kiss Me As I Wished

Always hoping I was for you to kiss me as I wished
In every life I’ve lived you’ve been eluding my seduction

Blonde perfection holds true to ideal the promise of our imaginations domineering
In uniform she shone throughout the grey – making whole the day by her presence.
How deep a blue I feel I’ll never know – Nor do I believe it could be real a love
If I did not hear my heart declaring constantly the need for Loves energy to flow
Yet all I have these days are the etchings I keep of her, sacred within the portrait
Galleries of my mind. Abstracted landscapes surround the girl.
Grounding my visions flight, as I ponder upon the action out of sight
I’m missing you and knowing that never would you wish to know
The bliss that I could show you.

Taken away by those that would claim they taught the young
The gifted were placed lost within the void, the forest hole.
The waves down upon the bay crashed upon the rocks
That hath long been soothed by the smoothing hands of Poseidon’s tidings.
Early morning by the sea I submerged alongside the black rose
Bearing our skins to the northern waters we were frozen, yet our spirits
Raised in the knowledge that whilst others bathed in sanctioned waters
We were one with the nature of all, yet from our hostel we noticed not
The coming of female youth, those that would so happily steal the clothes
Of the rose and I, left naked, bare and defenceless we had no other choice
But to run our way back to our dorms – hoping for some shelter from the storm
Yet access we were denied – whilst they adorned themselves in glamour.

by David Lacey

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