Did You Think I Too Will

Did you think I too will
Spend my days in search of food,
Tell petty tales,
Worry myself with thoughts,
Hurt others by my acts,
Turn senile with grey hair
And end up as fodder to the
relentless march of time
As yet another faceless man?

by Subramanya Bharathi

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My name is Yesere William from California, i am 60 years old, i have one son 14 years old schooling in the state, my late wife died in a car accident since then i have been single. Currently we are on our way to Germany to deliver goods.Please contact me if you need a lovely and caring man.
Your prayer is as warm as the sun on a spring day. Your friend will feel blessed by it. Lovely sentiments. Kind wishes, Sandra
God is Friend – Philosopher – Guide …your poem reflects a ‘quality’…prayer… 10 Ms. Nivedita UK
I pray for your happiness that could hold in your heart for ever wonderful prayer, wonderful feelings, very well written poem 10/10 from Mari
a sweet prayer for a sweet and loved one -10 anjali
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