Soft Salted Seas.

We live on soft salted sea, lull and lullaby to the sound of the waving land. Pebble dash wall support us, they bore us, ignore us, spat us out and tore us from great mother's womb where we swam the dark endless collision of day and night.

Drinking we swayed in the hot anticipation, perspiration, whilst overhead the moon swirls like a fish, he splays his face to us, frolics and follies to the pitied patter of dancing feet. We cling to the sticky Atlantic glare of our surroundings. Scream and release onto antiseptic tables to the men with antiseptic hands.

by Livi Topley

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My name is Yesere William from California, i am 60 years old, i have one son 14 years old schooling in the state, my late wife died in a car accident since then i have been single. Currently we are on our way to Germany to deliver goods.Please contact me if you need a lovely and caring man.
Your prayer is as warm as the sun on a spring day. Your friend will feel blessed by it. Lovely sentiments. Kind wishes, Sandra
God is Friend – Philosopher – Guide …your poem reflects a ‘quality’…prayer… 10 Ms. Nivedita UK
I pray for your happiness that could hold in your heart for ever wonderful prayer, wonderful feelings, very well written poem 10/10 from Mari
a sweet prayer for a sweet and loved one -10 anjali
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