Always In Our Dreams

Life becomes a pile of lies,
Now you’re seeing through my eyes.
My tears that stain your shirt,
Making trails through my face covered in dirt.
How far we have come,
All the evil we hath done,
Now it all comes down to us.

We miss how we’ve kissed,
And all the time we’ve missed.
Day by day we wish we can go back,
Back to the days of soccer and track.
When life wasn’t so complicated,
And we were just a couple of kids in love.
Now we live, we write,
We can’t help but start a fight,
But all in all,
As summer turns to fall,
We find we need to rewind.
Go back to when kisses came like rain,
When love was such a funny little thing.

We live, we love, say things we don’t mean.
You love me I know,
And I love you so it seems,
And we can still be the way we used to be,
Always in our dreams.

by Monica Lynn Mason

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