EC (07-18-1989 / Arkansas)

Always Lying

Take a picture of me and tell me that its lying
And it is lying because I've covered up all the scars
All the tears that I've cried and everything in between
I've covered up my tracks
Covered up my lies and my broken body
Can you see me
Can you hear me
Don't you know that I'm okay
I scream because I know I'm alone forever
And I listen to my heart because I know it won't lie
I know that I only can count on me, myself and I
Don't you see that I don't need your sympathy
Forget everyone I'm on my own
So who cares if I get lost in the middle of nowhere
I know no one will look for me
I don't need anyone to look for me
I will die in that place in time
Cause I know its my time to die
So don't tell me other wise
And yeah I'm going to hell and I will meet you there
I swear right here tonight I know myself better than anyone else
Tell me I need help screw you
I don't need anyone to help me
Not anymore I'm threw with help
Cause everyone says all the wrong things
And now I'm stuck here lying to myself
Saying I'm fine
Pretending not to cry every night
Cause most of the time I do cry
Who cares its natural
Tears was put into our eyes when God made us
No sense in letting them go to waste is there
Don't tell me how to live my life
Look in the mirror and tell yourself how to live
I'm better off alone
Everybody knows that I'm a loner forever and always
No need to bother me now
I'm better off leaving my sorrows inside
Better off knowing where I belong
I'm better off alone
Better off spending the rest of my life locked up inside a cabin
Writing forever not letting anyone in
That's who I will be
No one wants a broken girl
A girl who never admits that anything is wrong
Always lying but her nose isn't growing
So she will continue lying until the end of time
Cause lying is all she knows
That's how she covers up everything
So sly like a fox
I know I'm alone and I'm a liar so are you
I'm broken and bruised
Confused and hurting from head to toe
I know I will never be whole so don't bother in trying to save me
I'm already dying
There's too many pieces of my broken body on the ground
No one could ever put me together again

29 Jan 2008

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You've got to stop thinking this way. Greenwolfe 1962