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Always On My Mind
KA (16/02/91 / Belize)

Always On My Mind

Baby I love you, you bring the beauty of a love life story.
I hope my faith last forever cause baby you are my dream come true.
With all my doubts removed
I'd go anywhere, do anything, to prove how much
I love you.
You see every one needs a companion, and that's the way I need you
My life is so great with you, baby I love you.
See if you believe that you and I
Can change the world some day
Then believe me when I say
I love you
You always say to me that we will always be together
Lets change that together to forever
I remember when we first fell in love
I was too young to know what it was
But quick to tell you how it felt
because I knew it was a powerful emotion
that lifts me up every time I'm with you or just thinking about you
that love is so real and it still is
I can't and will never get over you
The last time we broke up, our life was miserable without each other
I'd die for you, can't live without you
What is between us is more than your caress
It's more than i would dare confess
I know it to be true
Damn you make me cry with joy, how i miss you
ever since that day you step in my life
You change the way I think about life
I'll give up any thing for you
To live without you now, I cannot understand
To live without you I could not survive
You hold my life in your hands
Just remember my heart's with you
When the night gets so long and cold
And no one's there to hold
And you're all alone
Take a moment to think of me
And the love that we share, no other girl could take that away
And if you ever find you ever need me someday I'm just a heartbeat away
Am not saying am letting you go
I'm just saying whenever you change your mind about the way you feel about me
If you ever broke up with me, I couldn't live another day to get through it
Cause you will be killing me too much.

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