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Always Running
SC (November 13,1992 - / )

Always Running

Poem By Stephen Carey

When I am standing still,
I can see that pathway
And the three running from me.
I feel triply betrayed.

I suppose the next time
I am in that pathway
And someone asks a question,
I should give an answer.

When I think of the reason,
When we were in the pathway,
That the others ran from me,
I can't believe they thought that.

A few misunderstandings and misconceptions,
And now everyone is running from me.
There are none who have stayed near me,
Everything is abnormal and beyond comprehension.

Sometimes I find myself running from everyone,
Craving the stillness and silence.
Sometimes I find myself looking for everyone,
Wanting anyone for anything.

Sometimes I am hiding from a certain person,
Fearing nothing more than their presence.
Sometimes I am looking for a certain person,
Wanting someone for everything.

I cannot believe they ran from me,
And they thought I was chasing after them.
I just turned and walked out of there,
But they are at the end of that pathway.

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