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Always Save A Prayer For Needy
DQ (March 10,1975 / Boston, MA)

Always Save A Prayer For Needy

Poem By Dan Quiles

Under the stars
Beneath the sky
Near the lake
The moon shines
Silent night
Some sleep
Some roam,
During the night
A lot tends to happen
Sun arises
People awaken
Movement grows
Under god’s guide
A new day begins
Be grateful for this gift.
Due to our health, life, work, and food.
For a new challenge everyday.
Another day, one more time,
To conquer it all
Some work, study and play
While others take it slow
And just too easy
Day progresses and people
Are already complaining
Of tiredness, sleepiness, the weather,
Always save a prayer for all people
We all need each other regardless of social status and political views
Some do worst and complain about food, work, life
Its how countries suffer to have daily food,
Struggle to find work,
Have a worse time with life compared to the ones
in America compared to Africa
Its funny at times but sad and pathetic at the same time
The truth of the matter is
We should be grateful
Because some have it far worse in some poor country,
Always save a prayer for needy.
Already its time to come home
For some its not so sweet or a treat
Therefore some bury themselves onto their work and come late
Drink endless coffee that has made billions for Dunkin Donuts
and has made Starbucks the spot to hang out with friends
Folks are more overweight than ever before due to their struggles and emotional state wide as a lake.
No family unity or much bonding
Life in America is what it is.
Busy and full of daily obligations
No time for family time
Quality time
It’s the prime reason the divorce rate is are sky high.
Single parenting in households are more common
Children are being hurt because of it
Yet, some have a stable family household, some don’t.
Resting time laying flat in a bed.
Thinking about debts, work, demands, family.
We all want to strive upward
Hoping for the ultimate best
We all have a zest for life
But constant worries brings constraints, stress
And less fun for life
So we all sleep w/headaches, stomach, depression and anxiety
It is our America we live in.
Always save a prayer for needy

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