Always Seek Love

Jesus came into this world as a ransom for the lost. He bore our sins at a very high cost. He is coming with no delay. For that is why we should all pray. and when he comes we can leave with him. In the world tribulation will reign, and people's faces shall be left grim. He is coming in the clouds. To redeem the crowds. People open your eyes and do not stay blind. For when the devil comes he will not be kind. He will strike you with his mark. And he will take your soul and leave you in the dark. Where there is peace, appears a white dove. So people, please, always seek love.

by Isidro Perez Jr.

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i am not the auther Perez. i am a college student in illinois. i ran across your poems and loved them. i incorae you to continue poems such as 'Always Seek Love' brother in Christ Jesus isidro perez