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Always Someone Worse
JF (july 7,1943 / des moines iowa)

Always Someone Worse

There are times we feel,
like giving up,
empty, drawn out,
life not worth living,
abused, beaten, raped,
nelected, pushed away,
not loved, not wanted,
you can't run away from your problems,
because, where ever you go,
you have to take you with you,
theres a new tomorrow,
things brighter,
happy times will come,
Always someone worse
I was sad cause i had not shoes,
until i saw someone with no feet.
Always someone worse
I was unhappy because i had,
verry little to eat, until
someone i saw with no food to eat,
so remember, no matter how,
bad it is,
Always someone worse
With a new year almost here,
things will be better,
than before, so have,
hope, faith, march on,
into the new year, trusting,
good things, the new year,
will bring.

wrote 12-31-06

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I think it's a fantastic idea for a poem. There's always someone who doesn't have it quite as good as you. It brings one of my favorite epicurus quotes to mind: 'Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.” I feel like you might have slightly overused commas in an attempt to add a pausing effect. Just a thought!
Think this is something we all should think about Jim! We need to count our blessings! ! Karen x
Really a Gem as I see the reality of life, I love this poem very much.
this is so down to earth, so honest and hopeful. i felt like i had faith in what i had again. -Newo
i love this poem! so true.
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