(August 26,1974 / New York City, NY)

Dear Old Death

Dear Old Death
I will fight you
I will fight you all the way

I will fight you in the morning
At night
And on that depressing gray day

I will eat healthy
And get as much sleep as I can

I want to live
To be wise
And reach out to my fellow humans

I want to pray
Read good books
And volunteer for good things

Share extra money
When I can
Or use my voice to entertain and sing

So I will never give up
Never give up
No matter how hard the hills is to climb

Yes Old Death
You get me one day
With the help of time

But it won't be easy
I'll make you struggle
It will be like fighting a wild cat, lion, bear

Yes Old Death
You can bet
If I got to cheat I'll pull your hair

So give me your best shot
Trick me if you can
But don't be surprised

If I get sick
I may get back up
And you'll have to give it a thousand more tries

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Pablo Neruda

If You Forget Me

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