TB ( / Atlanta GA)

Always There

The boy didnt see anything in her
she was like a baby toy, forgotten
they have been best friends since forever
they should be together by now
but theyre not
its petiful haw he doesnt notice her
its petiful how he seeks
to findsome one special
some one he already meets
he dont think
he dont speak
he does not see
that he loves her
all he does is ask his mother
'what do you see in dad? '
she replies, 'I see love,
when i see him
i feel complete
he was my bestfriend
I never knew he was there
then he sung a love song
to make me understand
that he was in love with me.'
' thanks mom.' he said
then he gave her a hug
then he ran upstairs to think.
He thought and thought
'Sanisha, its her! '
knowing that it was her
he rushed downstairs
grabbed a coat
and ran out the door
little did he know
he was in his pajamas
he got into his car
and pulled off very fast
while he was going down
the street
he was thinking
'stupid, stupid, stupid,
how come I never thought of her.'
he pulled up to her house
rung the doorbell
she answered the door
he kissed her
he said
'That kiss
it was like the Fourth of July
filled with fireworks
he found you
and you was always there.'
it was his best friend Sanisha.
she said 'Not meaning to interrupt
our love story
but why do you have an pajamas? '
she laughed.
'well because as soon as I found out it was you,
I had to tell you.'

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