Somewhere In Africa

Somewhere in Africa
Some men bud-ding-ly gathered
Coming from far and near,
And wandered like sugar ants.
On the soil of the negroes' gi-ant.

They, like a chain of an arm-anda,
Heartily sing a rhythmic chant:
'Let a new earth arise
Let another world be born
Let a bloody peace
Be written in the sky'

To this, the gi-ants dance in folly,
Ignorant that their doom 'is here'.
They pieces peace for rage;
Burried the old peaceful earth;
Welcome a new earth of horror.

More sing the vagabond minstrels:
'Let a second generation
Full of courage issue forth
Let a people loving freedom
Come to growth'

A testament of coven-try trade of:
Our yesterday, today 'n' tomorrow
For a kingdom of tense violence
By the khaki men of elusive world.

Yes, I love liberty but I am denied.
Are the gods are to blame?

In the darkness of my thought,
The band leader whispered to me:
'Let a beauty full of healing
And strength of final clenching
Be the pulsing in our spirits
And our blood'

I begged with tears for a meaning,
'The survival of the fittest' he said,
'Like the value of scarification it is',
'A great pain with a...' he stopped!
I cried, cried and cried, no remedy!

Hovering like a ghost denied aljana
I stumbled on a quatrain, it reads:
'Let the martial songs be written
Let the dirges disappear
Let the race of men now rise
And take control'

My cows kindled and I soliloquize:
Isn't this a feathered apocalypse?
Any Theresa to wipe tears of men?
Where will these men hail from?
Will freedom ever spill our blood?

by Tosin Abegunde

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Little ladies hatched from the eggs of pearls like pink and silver lizards! Who writes like this! So incredibly awesome! ! ! ! !
Kudos' Voice of a woman, hurts where it's meant to pinch
'little teeth of pearls' 'grinning politely and evenly at me.' - Good imagery. This poem has a sweet, wistful twist and ends with the tragic 'bitter sisters.'