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Always Walk In Love

When someone does you wrong,
Remember to whom you belong,
Always Walk In Love!
For it's God's Request from above!
Do unto others, like you'd like to be Treated!
Because you know, your a child of the King! !
Should Always Walk In Love, In Everything!
Not do unto others and lose track,
Of who you are, just want to hurt them back!
For whatever they may have done,
You know it would be wrong,
Because you belong to the Father's Son! ! !
Always Walk In Love, and Forgive Each other
All sisters and brothers! For this is Right!
Because You belong to Christ! ! !
Remember; Jesus said 'It's God's Commandment'
Your fighting against flesh and blood,
and the principalities of the darkness,
Not the Person Themselves
Do! God's Commandment! Always Walk In Love!

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