Always With You

If I told you a secret,
would you swear to keep it.
If I gave you my heart,
would you promise not to break it.
If I were to leave your side,
would you grab me, kiss me,
tell me you love me.
If I want to see you in the middle of the night,
would you show up and make every thing alright.
If I want to dance with you under the stars,
would you take me outside in your great big arms.
If I want to listen to your heart beat,
would you let me lay with my ear to your chest.
If I said all of this,
would you accept it,
If I told you I have waited so long
would you also tell me you have waited to.
Oh gosh, why can't i stop wanting or Loving you!

by Jessica Wilkinson

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Comments (2)

Very good, can't wait to see what else you have for us to read.
A nice love poem, I was wondering what the secret is? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? , Anything to do with the last line? ? excellent write, Jessica..