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You make my heart beat faster,
it sometimes skips a few beats.
I've never felt like this before,
is it a good feeling for me,
or is it not.

I can't tell.
I'm new to this as you can tell,
but strangely it makes me want more.
should I ask or even tell you?
That I want you in my arms to stay!

Is it to soon to say or ask?
Maybe....Just maybe a bit to fast.
I wish upon a star and hope,
That my wish comes true.
What I want more than ever, is....You!

One day I hope we'll be together.
My heart keeps beating faster,
like a drumer boy play his drums.
you really know how to make my heart smile brightly!
Thank You! ! !

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Nostalgic love poem… separated souls? Or jilted …if jilted then romance is magnanimous and immortal 10 Ms Nivedita UK
This is a beautiful from of love.. its alive all the time.. n does not belive in boundaries of distance or proximity..
Oh what a lovely poem! words came out from heart! 10+
and loving memories can not be erased Today, I miss your gentle touch with care beautifulol poem with gentle touch..........lovley creation... i loved it.... read mine touch me not.....