Am A Black Man

Throw a bannana at me, i will eat.
Call me a niggas, i will answer.
Am of Negroes blood,
The blood flows in my vein.
I dont care what you call me.
Am a black man.
I am proud to be a black man.
You make a shit hole comment,
And i will tell you of your ignorance.
Did moron like you know what it mean to have the dark skin.
No other race can explain the endurance of a black man.
Call me all sorts of names,
I dont care what name you call me.
Am proud to be a black man.


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(cont.) MyPoemList and i plan to put it into my June 2018 showcase, a usually-monthly production which appears as a 'poem' in my list of PH poems, always with the appropriate month and year in the title. authors are always named. if you have questions, please ask. Thanks. bri :)
(cont.) i normally do, i shall now give some 'suggestions', but i really LIKE this poem for its topic and composition! 1- i'd use only two ns in bananas; i love them! bananas, that is, not ns, though ns are ok also. 2- i'd use apostrophes in your donts. :) (cont.) ....
You make a hole comment, ...i got a BIG laugh out of this line. i hope you don't mind! when i was in school one day, at about age nine, a black boy accused me of calling him a; this was after a 'dispute' on the school playground during which HE gave me a 'black eye'. [[yes, for a while PART of ME was BLACK]] I didn't mind the eye so much, but i DID mind (and cried a bit) when his teacher told my teacher that i had called him the disparaging name. : ( (cont.) ...