Am I

Am I the sand beneath your feet that gives way to your presence?
Am I the wind blowing through your hair that seizes your essence?

Am I the water surrounding you that embraces your wholeness?
Am I the tear on your nose that betrays your sadness?

Am I the sun above your head that brightens your perception?
Am I the blank expression on your face that reveals your deception?

Am I the beer in your palm that drowns out your sorrows?
Am I the anger in your heart that makes your brow furrow?

Am I the cigarette on your lip that engulfs your soul?
Am I the burned bridge between you and your goal?

Am I the song in your ear that brings out your melancholy?
Am I the note on your tongue that screams out your folly?

Am I the watch on your wrist that keeps count of your heartbeats?
Am I the clock on the wall that bears down on your upkeep?

Am I the mirror in front of you that captures your entirety?
Am I the crack in your armor that proves your humanity?

Am I the belt on your waist that holds you together?
Am I the chip on your shoulder that proves you are better?

Am I the breakfast in your throat that brings you your strength?
Am I the lady in red that brings out your length?

Am I the lunch in your gut that warms your heart?
Am I the man in black that’s smooth and tart?

Am I the dinner in your stomach that cradles your dreams?
Am I the job you hold on to with disgust purely as a means?

Am I the cut above your eye that taught you your manners?
Am I the poet of your mind that reveals life’s answers?

by Warren Augustus de Guzman

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