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Am I?
ME (8-11-93 / illions)

Am I?

Poem By Morgan Ederer

sometimes i cut just to see
if im alive sometimes i cut
just to feel i also cut for the
feeling of death to feel on
the edge of everything to
feel like its real this is me
this is my real life this is
how i feel this is the cut
on my arm this is the
scar thats left this is it
that is all no going
back nothing its all that
i have life is or isnt for
real thats how i find out

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Comments (4)

hey im new here and was looking for new friends. i saw and read your poem and i really understand where you are coming from. you write really good poems
Cutting seems to be a very big problem today. I hope you are able to get help Morgan. I also am glad you write, it's such a stress reliever. Sincerely, Mary
wow, i know how u feel, i am going through the same the same thing right know, read some of my poems, they might help, but yeah if u ever need some one to tlk to i am here, ok? well this is really good, kepp writing down ur thoguhts it will help u, trust me! it helps me when i jst have the feelin to cut, ok? well ttyl. Kat
MORGAN, there are poets, ANNE SEXTAN, and PLATH and a few others who after becoming really big in this feild, took there life........PLATH, PUT HER HEAD IN A OVEN, AND DID IT BY GAS................the point im making is that its true that with out the bad, there is no good...........any way, if what you wriiten is true, then do your self a big big, favior, and just write, not cut............