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Am I
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Am I

Look beyond what you can see
With eyes that judge before they know
What path I've walked
The dreams I've lost
Some faded now
Some give me hope
Am I so different than you

To reach for more than yesterday
With wonder and belief
Unknowing of tomorrow
To find what life has meant for me
And hold each day with promise
That, there is no guarantee
Am I so different than you

So remember when you look
Upon a face you've never seen
Like a book, the weathered cover just protects
The words inside are what you read
And every life is worth a story
Once you listen, then you'll see
Am I so different than you

Kevin D. Fix

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This is a wonderful poem. It makes you think, if you actually took in consideration what others go through, and hesitate to judge them, your first thoughts of them may alter a lot. I wrote a poem similiar to this, but i think you've said it very well.