Am I?

Poem By Macy (Nina) Dvirnak

Am I doing right?
Am I doing wrong?
What is the reason for this earth?
What is the importance of this life?
To whom do I belong?
Do I have any worth?
What is the solution to my strife?
How do I rid myself of my sin?

To these Questions,
Will I give,
The answer and reason,
For which to live?

Yes I will.

Through God,
Will I,
My freedom win?

Yes I will.

For God sent his only Son,
Through Him is my freedom,
It is won!

That only Son,
Jesus died,
On that cross,

He was nailed to a tree,
For you,
And for me,
At Calvary.

Now every sin,
And every transgression,
Has been forgiven.

A Cristian walk,
Now am I living

The only thing now left to do,

Is to humble your heart,
Bend your knees,
And bow your head
In succession-

And along with me,
Give this confession-

' Dear God, thankyou for sending your Son to earth,
Born in a manger, and of virgin birth,
For there was no room in the inn.

Thankyou for this undeserved love which I am gifted,
And by which the burden of sin is lifted.

Thankyou that Jesus was raised on the third day,
And that I, too, have been raised.

Truly, God is worthy to be praised!

Thankyou for your only Son,
Through whom the penalty of sin is paid-

Through Him,
My freedom made.

I have sinned,
And I am sincerely sorry.

I pray that You would come into my heart,
With all your strength, love, mercy, and glory.

Your servant and friend,
Now forever I shall be-

Because my sins are on nails of three-
Forever forgiven,
Hanging dead-
Crucified at Calvary.'

My faith in God,
It will rest-

Standing firm when it is put to the test.

My faith-
It shall previal!

Satan's attacks
And temptations
Are of no avail!

Even if it should mean death,
My trust in God I will not deny!

For my name is written
In the Lamb's Book of Life.

Because of Jesus,
I'll go to Heaven high-

For God's Child,
Am I.

Comments about Am I?

I love this poem because I am a Christian and I can relate to parts of this poem. I think Gid has sent you to talk to me. Thank you so much for sharing this with me.

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