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Am I A Sinner Or A Saint?
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Am I A Sinner Or A Saint?

I will supply pure heroine
To all the hopheads on the street
And then the clean up will begin
I’ll rid the city of dead beats.

A drastic plan but effective.
The have free choice they need not use.
It is their choice to live or die.
I doubt that many will refuse.

Am I sinner or a saint?
to contemplate mass homicide
To rid the city of this taint.
It’s up to you, you must decide.

Am I murderer or not.
They choose to use what I supply
Some use a little some a lot.
Is it my fault if they all die.

I am the last man they’d expect
to even think of such a plan.
For after all who would suspect.
such tactics from a clergyman.

My plan proved to be a great success
The city streets are safer now.
I have some doubts I must confess.
But I feel justified some how.

I do believe in mans free will.
To choose to use or not use
A substance which will likely kill.
I don’t believe in drug abuse.

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