Am I Dead

Am I dead inside,
From my toes to my teeth?
Or am I just dead on the surface,
Whle I'm screaming underneath.
Do I breath the air around me,
Or do I just stand and stare.
Am I just in one place,
Or am I everywhere?
Is it my life that that I'm living,
Or am I a ventriquiests dummy.
Is my heart cloudy and stormy;
While everyone else's is clear and sunny.
Are there doctor's all around me?
Or am I, for now, alone?
They think they sound happy and hopeful,
But all I hear is a sad, downtrodden tone.
Is there more than one voice inside my head.,
Or are they all just my voice.
Isn't it my right to have a say so;
On whether or not I have a choice.

by Sam Price

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The greatest poem I've ever read. I can feel your pain