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Am I Evil Or Am I Not
KS (2/28/1995 / )

Am I Evil Or Am I Not

Poem By krista something

evil has came down to earth
haunting people that nows
right from wrong
am i the the one to cause this
if i did show me prof
Am i evil for believing what i do?
Am i evil for not agreeing with you?
Can't i be right and you wrong,
maybe your weak and im strong
you never now when
you walk out of place
saying i wish i could go back
and re-take
my steps but
i want to now if
i am evil or am i not
show me a sign
that i never forgot
and then i will
now from the day
i start
what i did to be
on the evil's list
the evil is planting
his plot
showing people
that may
never forgot
what should i say
to be off your list
and what i
did to be on it
your list
but i just want to
prove you that
your wrong
and i'm right
so what should i do
to be not evil
in my way
or not

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Comments (2)

i cant believe this. I am actually browsing an offline copy........
Just do not cause something that is against the 10 commandments o gGod my frien. In that way you cannot go wrong to become evil.Good write, high marks.